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Slime Isekai Memories Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Slime Isekai Memories is an immensely popular anime series that has captivated millions of fans all over the world. Not only does it have colorful and vibrant animation, but it also offers a variety of interesting characters that viewers are eager to see more from. And with the popularity of tier lists on the rise, what better way to rank Slime Isekai Memories' most memorable characters? This blog post will go through all sixteen iconic figures found in this beloved series and rank them according to abilities, appeal, and overall contributions to the plot. So come inside for a ranking system as we take a closer look at who deserves what spot!

Overview of Slime Isekai Memories 

Slime Isekai Memories is an original series created by the famous Studio Colorido and directed by popular animation director Shinichiro Watanabe. It follows the story of a group of adventurers who are suddenly summoned to another world filled with monsters, magic, and adventure! Led by their leader Ryo, these heroes must traverse this unknown land to survive and make it back home alive.

Ranking System and Criteria for Evaluation

We’ll be using a five-point ranking system from S (the highest) to E (the lowest). The criteria for evaluating each character include: overall power level, importance within the plot, appeal among fans, loyalty/dedication to allies, and development over time.

Tier List – All Characters Ranked


S Rank

• Ryo – Leader of the group and ultimate warrior with immense strength and courage

• Kiyo – Headstrong yet compassionate mage who is a master of powerful magic spells 

A Rank

• Akane – Loyal archer with exceptional accuracy, agility, and resolve when it comes to protecting her friends

• Tatsuya – Reliable front-line fighter who always puts his allies’ safety first 

B Rank

• Shirogane - A mysterious swordsman with an unknown past but wields a deadly blade in battle 

• Kei – A shy warrior with a loyal spirit who overcomes his fears to become a formidable ally in combat


C Rank

• Kuon – Charismatic thief with an eye for treasure and a strong ability to pick locks that would otherwise be impossible 

• Yoriko – Kind-hearted healer with incredible healing capabilities, even from a distance 

D Rank

• Yume – Witty and street-smart navigator who is always two steps ahead of her enemies 

• Minato – Brave but easily frustrated swordsman who finds strength and determination in the heat of battle 

E Rank

• Kanna – Energetic yet easily distracted mage who is always striving to learn more magic 

• Nozomi – A mysterious ninja with impressive skills in infiltration and reconnaissance 

Tier 1 Characters – The Best of the Best

Leading the pack are Ryo and Kiyo, two incredibly powerful characters who were essential to the group’s success throughout their adventure. Both of them had a strong sense of justice that pushed them to risk their lives for the benefit of others, making them both highly respected by fans. On top of their amazing abilities, Ryo and Kiyo also developed significantly over time, making them true heroes worthy of S-rank status on our list.

B Rank characters Akane and Tatsuya also deserve special mention for their unwavering loyalty and dedication to the team. Both of them faced a great deal of danger but never hesitated to put themselves in harm’s way if it meant protecting their friends. They also had outstanding abilities that helped the group succeed, making them important members of this powerful team.

Tier 2 Characters – Above Average Heroes

In tier two we have C-rank characters Kuon and Yoriko who were both reliable allies whenever they were needed in battle or during moments of crisis. Kuon demonstrated exceptional skill as a thief while Yoriko proved her worth with her impressive healing magic, making them both invaluable assets to the team. 

Though Minato and Yume ranked lower on our list, they still earned the respect of their allies and fans. Yume’s quick thinking and resourcefulness were essential for navigating the treacherous world while Minato’s incredible determination to protect his teammates was admirable.

At the bottom, we have Kanna and Nozomi who are both unique in their way. While Kanna often provided much-needed comic relief with her mischievous nature, Nozomi showed off her impressive skills as a ninja to help out the team in sticky situations.

In conclusion, Slime Isekai Memories features an awesome cast of characters that stand out from each other in many ways. All of them had different abilities that contributed to their success as a team and made them incredibly memorable in the hearts of fans.