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Genshin Impact: Zhongli Talent and Ascension Materials

5-star Geo user Zhongli has become one of the most popular characters in Genshin Impact ever since his debut in Update 1.2. His Elemental Skill and Burst have incredible AoE damage capacity, while his Talents allow him to be built with a variety of different roles depending on what you are looking for – no matter if it's support or damage, Zhongli can do it all. But unlocking him is not easy and requires players to donate rare Ascension Materials which many here may struggle to get their hands on. We'll guide you through exactly where you need to go and what materials are required to unlock your own Zhongli as quickly as possible!

Overview of Zhongli's Talents and Skills 

Zhongli's talents are focused on providing support and crowd control, making him an excellent pick for both defense and offense. His elemental skill 'Dominus Lapidis' deals AoE Geo damage and creates a protective shield around Zhongli while his elemental burst 'Planet Befall' causes additional Geo damage to enemies in the area. When paired with other characters, he can be used to quickly clear out mobs of enemies or buff allies with increased attack power or physical defense.

How to Obtain Ascension Materials for Zhongli

The best way to obtain the necessary materials for ascending Zhongli is through completing daily commissions and opening chests throughout Teyvat – such as Luxurious Chests, Geoculus Chests, and Obsidian Chests. These contain rare materials like White Iron Chunks, Cor Lapis, and Crystal Chunks which are essential for ascending Zhongli. Additionally, players can also obtain these items from the Battle Pass rewards or by exchanging them with other players in the trading system.

An In-depth Look at How Each Talent Works with Other Characters 

Zhongli's powerful Talents work well with a variety of characters to provide different types of support or control depending on what you are trying to achieve. For example, his 'Gentrification' talent increases physical damage significantly when used with certain characters – such as Diluc – while his 'Unshakeable Faith' talent reduces incoming Geo attacks when paired with characters such as Venti. Additionally, when combined with other Geo-based characters such as Kaeya or Noelle, Zhongli's 'Geo Resonance' talent can provide both additional damage and crowd control capabilities.

Tips on Upgrading Zhongli's Weapons & Artifacts 

Once you have the materials necessary to ascend Zhongli, it is important to focus on upgrading his weapons and artifacts to make him even more powerful. His 4-star weapon – the Skyward Atlas – should be prioritized over his 5-star weapon due to its ability to increase Geo damage taken by enemies and add an extra layer of defense for your team. For artifacts, you should focus on increasing Zhongli's HP and physical defense, as well as adding artifacts that increase the effectiveness of his Geo Resonance talent such as the Noblesse Oblige set or the Archaic Petra set.

Strategies to Utilize His Talents and Ascension Materials in Combat 

Once you have upgraded Zhongli's weapons and artifacts, it is important to learn how to make use of all of his powerful talents in battle. His Elemental Skill can be used both offensively and defensively to protect allies from incoming attacks while dealing significant AoE damage at the same time. Additionally, his Elemental Burst can be used to quickly clear out large mobs of enemies while also providing a shield for your team with its 'Gentrification' effect. Lastly, his 'Geo Resonance' talent should always be active to maximize the effectiveness of all other Geo attacks. With these strategies, you will be able to make full use of Zhongli's powerful Talents and Ascension Materials in combat!


Zhongli is a powerful character with an array of powerful Talents and Skills that can be utilized to provide both offensive and defensive support for your team. To make the most out of these talents, it is important to focus on upgrading his weapons and artifacts as well as obtaining the necessary Ascension Materials. Additionally, learning how to strategically use Zhongli's Talents in battle will ensure that you make full use of his power in combat. With the right strategies and upgrades, you can now make sure you are ready to unlock your own Zhongli as quickly as possible!