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Genshin Impact Eula build

Are you looking for a Genshin Impact build that leaps and bounds above the competition? If so, then Eula is your champion! A 5-star Claymore user with powerful cryo abilities, she can deal tremendous amounts of physical damage while freezing enemies solid. With this comprehensive guide, we'll show you how to put together an unbeatable Eula build that will make all opposition stand in awe. We'll be covering the best artifacts, weapon choices, and team compositions to help you maximize her potential and rip through foes like a cold winter wind. Read on to see what makes this deadly sailor star shine!

Breakdown of Eula's stats and skills 

Eula is a 5-star Claymore user, with some of the highest base attack stats in the game. Her passive Talent grants her a Cryo damage bonus and increases her Physical Damage by 8% against opponents that are Frozen or Paralyzed. For skills, she has Glacial Illumination which deals powerful Cryo DMG to nearby enemies, and then there's Gnawing Frost which freezes enemies for 7 seconds on contact. Both of these abilities can be used in tandem for devastating effects.

Best weapons to use with the Eula build

The two best weapons for this build are Whiteblind and Favonius Greatsword. Whiteblind gives a 10% Physical DMG boost while also providing an extra 25% CRIT Rate. This makes it perfect for hitting hard with Eula's Cryo abilities, and its passive increases energy recharge rate when you damage an enemy using a Normal Attack or Charged Attack. The Favonius Greatsword is also a great choice as it gives an extra 20% Elemental DMG bonus.

Recommended artifacts for the build 

When it comes to Artifacts, two main choices work well with this build: Gladiators Finale and Blizzard Strayer. The Gladiators Finale set provides a good boost to Physical DMG, ATK, and CRIT Rate which will help Eula dish out massive amounts of damage in battle. The Blizzard Strayer set on the other hand gives a nice bonus to Cryo DMG and Energy Recharge which helps her freeze enemies solid and quickly recharge her energy for more attacks.

How to use elemental reactions in battle with Eula 

Eula is no slouch when it comes to utilizing Elemental Reactions in battles. Her Glacial Illumination skill can be used to Freeze opponents, while Gnawing Frost can create a Superconduct reaction on contact. This causes the enemy's DEF to be lowered for a short duration making them vulnerable to further attacks from Eula or other members of your team. It's also worth noting that using Cryo weapons together with this build will increase the damage output even more as they have a natural synergy with each other.

Tips and tricks for optimizing Eula's performance in combat 

When using this build, it is important to pay attention to your Elemental Reactions as they can help you deal tremendous amounts of damage or disable an enemy temporarily. It's also important to equip the right artifacts that will further increase her damage output, such as the Gladiators Finale or Blizzard Strayer sets. Finally, make sure to use Eula's abilities in combination with each other, as this will maximize their effectiveness and provide you with a much higher chance at victory.

Overview of all the possible combinations for this character build

The possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to creating your own unique Genshin Impact Eula build. You can mix and match weapons, artifacts, and skills to create a powerful character that can rip through foes in the blink of an eye. It is important to remember however that having the right combination of stats, skills, and artifacts is key to ensuring your success in battle with this build. So take your time and experiment until you find the perfect fit for Eula!


The Genshin Impact Eula build is an elegant and powerful choice for any player looking to dominate the battlefield. With her Cryo damage abilities, high attack stats, and the right combination of weapons and artifacts, she can be a formidable force in combat. Just make sure you're paying attention to her elemental reactions as they are key to unlocking her true potential! So get out there and show them wyverns who's boss!