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The Best Mobile Phone Games to Play with Friends


Whether you're out on a long road trip or just waiting in line at the grocery store, there's no need to feel bored when you have your trusty mobile phone by your side. These days, there are plenty of mobile games that can be enjoyed with friends. Here are some of the best ones to check out!

Clash Royale

This strategic game from Supercell pits you against your friends in a battle arena. The object is to take out the enemy towers while protecting your own. You'll need to think strategically and plan if you want to come out on top.

Pokemon Go

This augmented reality game sends you off on an epic journey with your friends as you catch, train, and battle virtual Pokemon creatures. It's a great way to explore your local area and get some exercise while having fun!


Here's one for the competitive types! Farmville offers players the chance to build and manage their farms while competing with their friends for bragging rights over who can grow the most impressive crop of vegetables or animals.

Candy Crush

This classic match-3 game is still going strong after all these years! It's a great way to pass the time and have some friendly competition while you work together to unlock new levels.

Words with Friends

Put your vocabulary skills to the test by challenging your friends in this popular word game. You'll need a strategy, knowledge, and a bit of luck if you want to come out on top!

Monument Valley

This visually stunning puzzle game challenges players to guide their characters through mazes of optical illusions and impossible architecture. You'll need logical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creative solutions if you want to complete this one as a team!

Draw Something

Liven up your game nights by engaging in a few rounds of this popular Pictionary-style game. You'll need to be creative and have a good sense of humor if you want to come out on top!

Sea Battle

This classic board game comes to life on your mobile device. You and your friends can battle it out in a real-time naval warfare scenario, complete with strategic maneuvers and virtual battleships.

8 Ball Pool

Test your aim and reflexes in this classic pool game. It's a great way to sharpen your skills while competing for bragging rights with friends!

Trivia Crack

Prove who knows the most about practically anything with this multiple-choice trivia game. You and your friends can go head-to-head in a battle of wits!


With over 300 different topics to choose from, this real-time trivia game is sure to get your brain going. Challenge your friends and show them who knows the most about the world!


Part charades, part Pictionary, Drawful is a great game for groups of friends who want to have some silly fun. Players can draw or act out clues while others try to guess as quickly as they can!

Heads Up!

This party game is sure to get everyone in the room laughing! One player will hold up their phone with a word or phrase on it while the others try to guess what it is. It's a great way to start conversations and have some fun.

Heads Tennis

This one is perfect for tennis fans. You and your friends can compete in real-time matches to see who's the best at virtual tennis!

Mario Kart

Who doesn't love to race around in Mario's world? You and your friends can go head-to-head or team up for a few races. It's sure to be an unforgettable experience!


The classic card game comes to life on your phone with Uno! Play against your friends and see who can get rid of all their cards first.

Brain it On

Test your problem-solving skills with this physics-based puzzle game. You and your friends will need to work together if you want to come out on top!


If you're looking for something a bit more strategic, Spyfall is the game for you. This unique game of deception pits players against each other as they try to figure out who's the spy in the group and uncover their location.


The classic drawing game comes to life on your phone with Pictionary! It's an ideal way to have some laughs with friends, although you may want to keep it PG-13!


Put your detective hats on and see who can figure out the secret code words first. This game of deduction will test your powers of observation as you try to uncover hidden clues.


This classic party game has been adapted into a mobile version, so you can now play it with friends no matter where you are! You'll need to think on your feet if you want to stay alive and catch the werewolf before they get away.

No matter what kind of mobile games you choose, playing together with friends is always the best way to make sure you have an enjoyable time. So grab your devices, fire up one of these games, and get ready for some serious fun!