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The Best Android Games for 2022

When it comes to finding a good game in this day and age is near impossible. This is because you have to scan, download, and tryout out hundreds of new apps being released onto the platform. Each one claiming to be the best, and sometimes, not even the reviews are altogether reliable. To top it all off, you also have your own personal preferences. So here is a list of the top games if you are an avid Android user. After all, the games that are reflected on the iPhone and the Android can have some variety, as some are not compatible with both software.

Alto’s Odyssey

Being both free to download and play as well as simple, and user-friendly. This game will blow you away with beautiful graphics and a style that is both simple and relaxed. The main point of the game is to ski down a hill while. At the same time, the player will be avoiding obstacles and need to make a large number of jumps. As a player, you can also naturally make trades. Naturally, there are some in-app purchases that you can make, but this will not alter the gameplay if you decide to play completely free.  You can play it, kids can play it...basically anyone can play it. It is fun. It is addictive but it also has a lot of gorgeous aesthetics for anyone who enjoys beauty with gaming.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If calm and addictive is not your thing, then perhaps it is best to switch to a more Fast and Furious approach with this legendary racing game. Asphalt 9: Legend is naturally part of an Asphalt series that is amongst the most popular racing games that are out there. It has both multiplayer, single player and various other formats of playing. Normally it works on auto-go, so there is no need to have control of your acceleration, and although it is easier to make in app purchases to get ahead, you can still achieve it with the free version. It just may be a little more tedious.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It would be a surprise if you are a gamer and haven’t heard of Call of Duty. But the fun reality is that this is a game free of charge on your mobile, making it easy to join in on the fun! Call of Duty is popular, and really good - there is no doubt about it, and although it may have it’s fair share of bugs (which game doesn’t have those) this game is likely to carry on with it’s immense popularity and multiplayer gameplay. This is naturally a shooter game, so if you are into these games then you should consider giving this one a go.

EA Sports Games

EA has managed to snatch the market and niche into the sports games on the mobile phone. They all have similar elements, but you can choose between the baseball games, soccer games and even football games. However, it is indeed best to keep in mind that this works more like a freemium - over the fact that it is insanely hard to progress after a certain point without spending any money. However, this is how game makers create money for themselves too - who can blame them for it if it is an excellent game?

Arena of Valor

With a bit more even playing field with this mobile game, Arena of Valor is a real-time strategy game based on fantasy and similar to League of Legends. So if you enjoy strategy and you enjoy the elements of League of Legends as well as Dota 2 then you should consider giving this game a shot.


Being completely free and popular, you are able to tackle the game that has been a legend for ages. Consider taking on another popular, and enjoyable strategy game - all on your mobile phone. After all, a game that costs money on your PC but is actually free on your phone can indeed end up to be quite the bargain. Not to say there is a high possibility of in-app purchases available.

Hitman Go

The safest way to be an assassin is to be one on a mobile game. This is a stylish, simple format of your favourite bald headed assassin which you can enjoy. You have to focus on both strategy and quick thoughts while enjoying the aesthetic feels of truly being a virtual killer.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

This epic game is indeed available on your mobile, and you are not wrong over the fact that it is indeed the biggest name in the field. You can play with both friends as well, battling in teams, building an army, and fighting against an epic enemy. The mobile controls are easier to work with and you can control the casting of spells, fighting and more at a much faster and  convenient pace than before.

Pocket City

For only $2.99 you can have a very close version of the classic SimCity right on your Android. You can start out as a regular city builder and turn it into a magnificent show! With the ability to build road, zones and tackle the disasters, if you are a lover of the city as well as the game SimCity then there is no doubt that you should try out and enjoy this game. After all, it is affordable and you can play most of the game for free if you really want to. Premium however does give extra features which you may find enjoyable in the long run.

Here you have it! Several different games that are incredibly popular as well as affordable to enjoy. From sports, to strategy to aesthetics, you are sure to find some game here in the list that you are bound to enjoy. There are so many more that are indeed available for your enjoyment, but perhaps it is best to start with these and work your way to finding others suitable for your game play and style.